St. Jude Catholic School
Joliet, Illinois

Passionately Catholic ~  Academically Excellent ~ Distinctly Dominican

Fervorosamente Católica ~ Excelencia Academica ~ Distintivamente Dominíca


St. Jude Catholic School is a Pre-Kindergarten (half day three-year-old Pre-Kindergarten and full day four-year-old Pre-Kindergarten) through 8th grade elementary and middle school under the Diocese of Joliet Catholic Schools Office.


The curriculum stresses academic achievement within a Christian community where the child feels that he/she is loved and respected by his/her peers as well as the teacher.  The total curriculum includes the development of Catholic values and attitudes, as well as the attainment of knowledge and skills necessary for the student’s spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, and physical development. Our curriculum aims at the development and formation of the whole child in truth, goodness, and beauty.


The Diocesan curriculum guidelines are followed for the teaching of all subject areas.  The basic curriculum for the school includes the following subjects: Religion, Reading, Language Arts (Grammar, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Handwriting), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer Education, Spanish, and Library.


Since religion is the distinctive mark of every Catholic school, systematic religious instruction is provided daily at St. Jude Catholic School. Religion permeates the school and is an integral part of everyday living. Throughout the week, students are reminded about the Sunday Mass obligation. Parents are strongly encouraged to assist their children in living out their faith by fulfilling this basic obligation of worship.


In addition, the sacramental life of the children of the Catholic faith is an important component of the religion program at St. Jude Catholic School. Preparations for two sacraments, Reconciliation and Eucharist, form the core of instruction in Grade 2. Students in Grade 8 receive instruction for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Parents are required to be active partners in the preparation of their children for these sacraments.


St. Jude Catholic School is further committed to meeting the instructional needs of all students.  The Teacher Assistance Team (TAT) is utilized to document teacher concerns and provide intervention strategies for teachers to implement in the classroom.  The differentiated model of instruction will continue to be implemented in all subject areas.


Below are curriculum summaries for each grade level:


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DocumentPre-KindergartenCurriculum Summary
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